3 Favourite Shampoos


Hope your having a good week so far!?

A little post on shampoos today, I always like to know what people like to use (and to have more new things to try) so I hope you will enjoy my favourite three! Please let me know your favourites…


Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions : Intensive Repair

It’s fair to say my hair has been through a few changes these last few years; colour, cuts and styling! So it was a little worse for wear..but this shampoo really gave it its life back. I tend my use this once a week more like a treatment; massaging into the hair and leaving it one for a couple of mins. I do also own the deep conditioner but using the shampoo in this way saves time. Plus as it’s Dove it smells amazing! If you have/struggle with damaged hair/end I would really recommend giving it a try- or keep a look out for when it’s on offer.

VO5 Gunk-Go

This is a clarifying shampoo, since I started to get the colour out of my hair I was told a clarifying shampoo was a good thing to use. Like the Dove, I only tend to use this weekly or after I’ve been ‘doing a lot’ with my hair. You can really feel the difference after using this shampoo, as I think it’s meant to get rid of thick styling gel/wax products. I buy this from poundshops as it can be about ยฃ3 in boots/superdrug.

Herbal Essences ‘Naked’ – Moisture

By far, this is my all time favourite shampoo ever! Honestly, I thought the whole ‘naked 0%’ thing was a bit of a gimmick..but it really does make a difference. The product is lighter than the regular Herbal Essences. It still lathers the same and had a fresh minty scent which is great in the mornings. My hair always feels soft and nourished after using, it also looks better than it has done in ages- and it lasts! If you haven’t tried it you NEED to. There is a ‘Shine’ version which I haven’t tried. If anything out of these 3 this has to be my favourite!

And there are my three best shampoos, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, please let me know yours below!

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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