The Nudes : Lips


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Now, I have mentioned many times, that when it comes to lipstick/balm I prefer something in the nude colouring. With the whole Kylie Jenner thing (which may be a bit late now), like many of us it’s been a further favourite to try and get ‘the look’. Lipsticks are the fewest things in my collections as I just prefer something to give a little colour. However, recently I have picked up a few neutral shades which I’ve been loving and wanted to share with you all- I hope you enjoy!

Going Left to Right in the Pictures:


Collection ‘Work The Colour’ Lip Butter – 2 Cappuccino

This lip butter has been a favourite of mine since Christmas. This buttery balm has just enough colour and leaves the lips feeling moisturised. Due to the fact that it’s a ‘balm’ the colour sadly doesn’t last too long. The crayon application makes it easy and quick to apply. I have one in my everyday makeup tray and one in my handbag! It’s also nice mixed with the Primark shade!

Rimmel ‘Kate’ Lasting Finish – 03

I first picked up ones of these lipsticks in Poundland, it’s very similar to this colour but more brown toned. But I was so impressed with the finish and wearability I had to see what other nude shaded they had! Plus there was an offer on which made it even better; and such I picked up this one in 03. It’s still on the ‘darker’ side of the mentioned colours but still nice all the same. Am still tempted to get a few more- hopefully more will come into poundland hehe!

Revlon Lip Butter – 095 Creme Brulee

This has to be my second favourite of the bunch! Like the name suggests; is a more golden nude with a subtle hint of shimmer. Again, as it’s a ‘butter’ it glides on and leave a nice moisturizing feeling. One swipe of this gives a lovely hint of colour. Out of all the Revlon Lip Butters this one has the best neutral pay off. I also own ‘Sugar Frosting’ but it’s too red toned for me sadly.

Primark ‘P.S Love’ Matte Long Lasting Lipstick – 00

It seems that Primark has stepped up its make-up game recently. I have seen these P.S Lipsticks going around blogs and instagram for a while now. At only Β£1.50 it’s not too bad, I wouldn’t say it’s that long lasting but for the price what do you expect. Much like the Rimmel, this is on the darker sides of colours. In some lights it almost have a purple/taupe undertone to it. Like I mentioned- it’s very nice mixed with the Collection (sorry for lack of pic!)

Rimmel Apocalips Lacquer – Nude Eclipse

You may recognise this from yesterday’s post, it kind of inspired this one! As soon as I used this for the first time I was hooked. Never tried one of these liquid lipsticks before, and for a Β£1 I couldn’t;t say no, plus I’d always wanted to try it. Tomorrow I shall see how it wears for a work day, hopefully it shall stay pretty well. Unlike the others, it leaves a slightly glossy finish and really is a neutral colour. Like I said in my last post, I would be interested to try the matte version.

So there are my favourite nude lipsticks/balms of the moment. If you have any good recommendations please let me know!

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