5 Favourite Mascaras

Hello- hope your all having a good week so far!

Good Mascaras 1

This has been a long over due post, one which I shall probably do ‘updates’ on after the next release aha! Plus one of the reason I started this blog was to do such posts.

Today we shall be typing about my (current) 5 Favourite Mascaras! I hope you enjoy reading, let me know yours!

Good Mascaras 2
(same order -left to right- as above picture)

So in no particular order:

Maybelline Lash Sensational

Now, I’m not going to bore you once again, with my thoughts on this amazing mascara! I shall link you to my Lash Sensational Review to rambling again! My current everyday mascara! LOVE IT.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Extreme

Again, like the above I don’t want to go on about this once again so I will link my Scandaleyes Review! Not to far away from the Sensational!

Essence Lash Mania

If you haven’t tried this you need to. It’s only about £3. And it is amazing. Gives some much volume and length compared to other really cheap mascaras. Sadly I think it’s only available at wilko but if you can get your hands on one take it and try it- I don’t think you will be disappointing.

Seventeen Falsifeye HD

Don’t think I’ve blogged about this mascara before, a really good cheaper one. It really does give a false lash effect. The brush is more of a standard one, but the bristles are so defining and give such a lengthening effect. Also quick to get the false lash effect! 17 products are BOGOF at the mo!

Benefit Roller Lash

Again, (again) this is another recent purchase and review. So I will link you to my Roller Lash Review. Really does do the lash roll thing and lives up to the Benefit brand. Like I say in my review, it is as good as the Sensational Lash and it is so much cheaper. I don’t think I would buy full price but it’s a good freebie to have in stock!

And there are my 5 current favourite mascaras, please let me know your thoughts on the ones mentioned and if there are any other good ones out there that I should try! I hope this had been helpful.

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂



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