Sunday Spa : Regenerate & Invigorate

Hello! Hope you’ve had a good weekend- back to the daily grind tomorrow ay’…

But on that note, Sunday evening is when I try and pamper my skin a bit. For the last few weeks I have been using this face mask and it’s amazing! Introducing Superdrug Invigorating Maskย –


Now, I know this mask is ”men’s” but what real difference there is?! If anything, I find that the men’s skincare can sometimes work a little better than regular products. I picked this up on a whim, whilst perusing the face mask selection this one caught my eye. The peel-off bit for sure, it’s just easier. I have picked up a few others but I’m yet to try yet.

Like you can see on the picture, it’s a light-ish green/blue colour. As with more peel-off masks it’s a sticky and gel-like formula.

Now, here’s where it gets to the important bit; how it feels and what it does. It certainly is ‘invigorating’. After a few seconds of applying the product starts to tingle on the skin. This is something like I like to feel as it feels like it’s working- it’s nothing painful! I left the mask on for about 25 mins / completely dry. When it was time to remove, I had a very strange and new face mask removal experience..un-like any peel-off mask this one really felt like it was ‘peeling’ out the impurities. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t recommend, it wasn’t very painful but in certain areas (nose/chin where the most oil must be) it was a little eye watering. With this I was expecting a very red face afterwards but it was fine. My skin felt so smooth a refreshed, which lasted a few days.

If you like a deep cleansing treatment I would give this a go- it does what it says on the packet and you can feel the difference. Again though, if you have any form on sensitivity I wouldn’t recommend due to the peeling off feeling. Using this to regenerate the skin is now a weekly routine!

If you have any recommendations for good peel-off face masks please let me know!

I hope this could be helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank You So Much for Reading!



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