5 New Look Sale Picks

Hello! So glad it’s Friday tomorrow!

Like many of you out there, I received a lovely e-mail from New Look today notifying me of the latest sale that launched today! So, as soon as I was home I was onto the website and fastly accumulating a basket! Following on from yesterday’s Bargain Hunting post it seems I have put it into action! I wanting to do a blog post of some of my favourite picks and to make sure you all know about the sale! Let me know if you’ve picked up anything good- I hope you enjoy reading!



Cameo Rose Grey Ribbed Split Side Top

It seems that the side split tops are very in this season- I have a plain long black t-shirt one which is really comfy. Some on the market are a bit pricey for what they are (t-shirt material) just for having an added split. This one looks like a thicker/ribbed material. Plus it’s a lighter colour for transitioning into summer with- plus easy to dress up or down! £5

Black V-Neck Step Hem T-Shirt

I don’t know about you, but one can never resist a black top. I must have hundreds! However, like this one they are all slightly different. I like the chiffon / cotton mix to the top and the flattering V-neck.Plus the dipped hem add a stylish touch to the top. Great for work and (again) dressed up for a night out with a statement necklace. Can’t wait to get this one! £4

Green Check Layered Front Long Sleeve Shirt

This has been an item I have always looked at whilst browsing in stores. I do love an over-sized checked shirt! They’re just so comfy and easy to wear. But for £20 I just couldn’t justify it- my inner bargain hunter wouldn’t allow it. But when I saw it in the sale…my heart skipped a beat (haha)! And for £8 I had to get it! I really like the layered panel look on it.

Khaki Pointelle Knit Kimono

I must admit, I have a feeling this won’t be what I’m expecting. It looks to be almost a blazer type look. With it being a ‘knit’ I’m guessing it will be thicker so will have a little more structure. I want it more like a relaxed blazer. The grey colour will go with everything and (hopefully) it will smarten up a dull outfit! £5

Black Bodycon Dress

Now, this is something I don’t really need..but for the price it’ll be good to have in the wardrobe. Like I say, I may never wear it, but for £4 you can’t really go wrong. I think they say that every girl should have a LBD in stock just in case the time calls!

And that’s my top 5 picks- I did get a few more items but they were a few basic bits.

I do hope you go and check out the sale and pick up some goodies!

Thank You So Much For Reading, I Hope You’ve Enjoyed 🙂



2 thoughts on “5 New Look Sale Picks

  1. Love the Green Check Layered Front Long Sleeve Shirt, so cute! Great blog! Keep up the good work and check out my blog if you like. I am a swedish fashion student in New York City! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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