Finding The Bargains!

Hello- haven’t posted in a few days! I hope your all having a good week!?

Though we would type bargain hunting today, as you know if you follow my blog, I am a proud and avid bargain hunter! So, I thought I would share some of the best places to find things! Hope you enjoy- please share yours in the comments! (These are all UK stores)


Make -Up & Skincare 

Firstly, with most of these places it’s ‘on the off chance’ that they’re in stock. For experience, many of the goods in these stores are stocked for a limited time.

For make-up I find that poundland and poundstretcher are the best shops for finding make-up bargain. A lot is Rimmel and Maybelline. Only the other day I picked up; 2 Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks (RRP: £6) and 2 Scandaleyes Eye Crayons (RRP: £5). There was much more but I restrained myself!

For skincare, 99p Stores seems to be a good one, a lot of the time they may have a different language! I have gotten a lot of Clearasil products as well as Simple. Also, the supermarkets sometimes have branded skin-care on offer or priced cheaper- always worth a look!

For online beauty and skincare I have a few websites I often check:    &


Again, Poundland & 99p Land always have a lot of branded items- however sometimes they can catch you out!

But my main point for ‘food’ is the end-of-day-reductions! I love going into the supermarkets an hour or so before they close to see what they’re reducing! Very sad I know but you can get some good deals! On New Years Eve I picked up a £15 Roast Turkey for £1! If you pass a supermarket on your way home from work of if you work in a center where they have an M&S or something make sure you pop in! Plus if your a student this may be a good money saver!

 A bit of a random post today- haven’t had time to take any decent pictures of some new beauty bits!

Hope You’ve Enjoyed Reading, Thank You So Much 🙂



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