Poundland Make Up – A Face For A Fiver’

Hello! Hope you’re having a good weekend πŸ™‚

As you know if you follow my blog, I am (like most of you) always looking for a bargain! I always have a look in Poundland’s beauty section as you can find some gems; only this week I picked up two Rimmel London Kate Moss lipsticks which are normally around Β£6! But when the news broke about their own make-up (aka ‘The Make-Up Gallery’) one was intrigued and it has to be said, a little skeptical..


Like a lot of the really cheap brands, I find the eye-shadows and lip products are the best. In this range there is everything from foundation to brows to nail polish. So, as the range has everything for a full face of make-up I thought I would attempted to do a ‘face -for-a-fiver’ type post. I have only tried the products used in the post thus far- if there are any other good ones that you have tried please let me know! I hope you enjoy reading!


So the product I got were (working L-R on swatches)

– Brow Pencil in Blonde 3-

If your blonde or fair skinned like myself, you will know the trouble of finding the right shade for brows! Nothing to warm or red toned, plus there is finding the right texture, etc. I must say this was pretty good for colour and application. It’s ash’y in tone, I don’t need a lot with brow pencils but just enough to give that bit more shape. If you like the more natural brow this is worth a try- not sure how the bolder colours fair if you need a darker shade or prefer a darker brow. 7/10

– Single Eye-Shadow in Mocha 8-

As mentioned above, eye shadows are normally pretty good across the cheaper make-up brands. This one is no exception! I chose this colour as it’s enough to give colour without being too much. Having used this a few times it is ideal to both blend out all over the lid and to use to darken the crease/under eye. Also have used (as it has shimmer) patted in the center on eye. Really like this one! Will be picking up both of these shimmered ones! 9/10

– ‘Long Lasting Foundation’ in Ivory 1-

Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for this. And it’s not brilliant. Almost mousse like in texture it does blend well, however for me the colour is too warm (red toned) for my skin. Again, it may work well for deeper skin tones. But for a Β£1 I didn’t get the ‘Long Lasting’-ness as I was sold!Β 4/10

– Lipstick in Fresh Peaches 05-Β 

These isn’t any different from other cheap lipsticks; MUA, sleek, etc. It has a nice formula and colour. It’s more balm like in texture but has some good pigmentation. I would have liked a paler/nude shade but there was none or they were sold out at the time. Lasted for an hour or so, but again, most cheap ones are the same. They had a good colour range and other lip products in the line. 5/10

– ‘Pump Up The Volume’ Mascara in Black-Β 

Again, like the foundation, I didn’t hold high hopes for this one. It’s better than some cheap ones that I have tried but nothing that makes it amazing. Application did take a while to get the desired ‘volume’ look for my lashes but it did the job. Not the best for lasting power as it didn’t hold lashes ‘up’ all day and flaked slightly. There are 1 or two more mascara in this range that do different elements. 5/10

Overall the eye-shadows were the best with the lipsticks a close second. But your getting what you pay for. I would definitely pick up a few bits to try as all products work differently on everyone. Plus you can justify spending a few pounds! Again, if you have tried any other products from the line please let me know!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading, thank you so much for doing so πŸ™‚



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