Review : Barry M Plumpy Top Coat

Hello! Hope you’ve had a good day!?

Blogging about a new nail product today- I think it’s new.. Barry M Plumpy Top Coat.


This top coat claims to give the ‘plump’ look one gets from a gel type manicure.To work with the Gelly polishes primarily but, of course, I’m sure it’s fine with any! I picked this up a week ago, whilst picking up a few more of the new Quick Dry ones- blog post coming up soon! I had seen this online and been intrigued; I’m not normally fused with top cots but this one appealed!

I used this over the other new Quick Dry polishes last Thursday and only today have I taken it off. It could have gone for a few more but, like us nail polish addicts do, I was getting bored of the colour! I really think this made the polish last longer- it defiantly gave a ‘thick’ gel like finish which dried well with no marks appearing. I took some before and after pictures of the manicure I’ve just done (Barry M Gelly in ‘Cotton’)- I’m not sure if you can tell from the quality, hopefully the shine will.


I must say that the finish did last a good week- of course there will be a few chips and knocks but it fared well! Some, I find, change after washing you hands and using other products on them. I’m really impressed with this product. Another great Barry M product to test. I will be sure to try this will a none Barry M polish just to see if there is a difference- I doubt there will be.

If you haven’t picked this up it’s worth a try- at Β£2.99 it’s not going to break the bank. Plus there is always some form of offer on somewhere. If you are a fan of the gel look it’s one for you.

If you have any recommendations for good top coats please let me know! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading πŸ™‚

Thank You So Much



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