Fashion Find : Crystal Rings

Hello! Hope you are all well- only two more days till the weekend! Thought I would blog about a few recent eBay purchases; these crystal rings. I think these are a love or hate product, so sorry if your not a fan!


I do love finding a gem on eBay; this is the ones I got here. I will admit, as some products don’t always look like the images, I wasn’t too sure on what the rings would look like. But I was very glad to see they looked exactly like the images.

For Β£1.69 each I think these rings are stunning and a great statement piece. They have loads of colours and weren’t to slow on delivery! There are one-size ‘adjustable’ and they fit my fat fingers fine.

A very short post today but I had to share these beauties with you! Plus at the bargain price I felt I had to!

Let me know of any good bargain goods you have from eBay!

Thank You So Much For Reading πŸ™‚



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