First Impressions : Barry M Speedy Polishes

Hello! Hope you’ve all had a good start to the week!? Got a review/first impressions of the new Barry M (Speedy) Quick Dry Polishes. If you’re like me, a avid Barry M nail polish wearer, collector and buyer- a new line is something I had to have!


There are 9 colours in this new line- I have restrained myself at the moment and only got the two; Pole Position & Stop The Clock.

So, to start with the packaging- the line can be identified with the race checkered bottle top. Really cute pattern which is easy to stop and a little play on the quick dry quality of the polish.

The colour range if the line are pastel to me- understandable as we are coming into summer I get. Some are very similar to other Barry M polishes (I tried to get some that I haven’t got already!) I do plan on getting some of the darker shades. I do like these colours, I think with a white underneath they would be brighter!

Application; same brush as the other Barry M polishes, nothing is meant to be different are special about the brush/application. I have never had a problem with the brushes anyways!


The main point of the review- the formula : sadly, I have to say I’m not that impressed…personally, I wouldn’t say this any quick to dry than there normal formulas! I painted (with no base coat) one coat and left to dry- I would say a good 10 mins until they could be ‘rubbed’ and be ok to touch. After another coat and 10 mins they were touch dry but, after going to the loo a few did ย mark a little. They did last the day without further marks however.

So, to concluded, the polish formula isn’t bad but I wouldn’t say it was this amazing ‘speedy dry’ as it is marketed. I want to get some of the bolder colours to see if they are the same so I shall let you know! If you are buying these for the quick drying aspect don’t expect miracles. The formula is good but just not as the for the quick dry as stated.

If you have these please let me know your thoughts and any of the better colours!

I hope this has been helpful,

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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