Sunday Spa : Tone & Refresh

Hello! Thought I would do another ‘Sunday Spa’ blog post today, skin care posts have been a bit lax on here sadly! Today we shall be typing about toners!

I have 5 of my favourites to share with you, all do slightly different things and suitable for different skin types. Some you may recongnise from previous posts, I hope you enjoy reading…


So, going left to right:

Boot Botanics ‘All Bright’ Toner

This is a great basic cleanser. If you have sensitive skin and want something to take of both face and eye make-up this is a great product to try. With little scent and smell this is a gentle cleanser that leaves the skin feeling refreshed and toned. I always have a bottle of this in the collection as it’s such a good all rounder if I’m ever caught short of another. Currently on offer now too! A must have!

Clearasil Deep Pore Treatment Toner

I think I have mentioned this product a few times on the blog, my ‘Night Time Skincare‘ post is one of them if your interested. This does exactly what it says on the bottle. Since starting using this (towards the end of last year) my skin has defiantly improved. Not one for sensitive skin however I would say as it has a scent and tingle of a agressive spot clearing product- noting painful but something to note. If you suffer with spots it’s worth a try for the money, I only tend to buy when it’s on offer.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner

This one only featured on the blog a few days ago in my Body Shop Tea Tree Review. I shall keep this one brief as I go into more detail on that post; I really like this one as it doesn’t have the strong smell and feeling of regular tea tree products but it still has the same tea tree spot fighting effects. It is one of the pricey ones here but, again, I would wait if you want to try it till there’s a good offer on! Would try gently if you have sensitive skin as it’s not as strong as the Clearasil.

Clean & Clean Morning Burst Toner

I can’t find a link online to the toner product in the picture but this is the cleanser from the same line. I did pick these up from a 99p land so that may mean they have discontinued this..But anyways if you can find it it’s worth a try. It has a lovely citrus-y smell which does wake up the senses in the morning! It isn’t abrasive, it’s nice to refresh your skin in the morning.

Olay Essentials Refreshing Tonerย 

Much like the Botanics, this is a good basic toner to have. I picked this up randomly last year to try and I do like it. Nothing spot fighting in it but it really does leave this skin feeling fresh and clean. Plus it smells amazing! I did have the corrasponding cleanser but I don’t know what’s happened to it sadly…Would recommend for all skin types and a great toner from those after something to clean and refresh!

And there are my favourite current toners! Let me know if you have used any of these and/or if there are any good ones that you think I should try! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend- and ready for another week; we can do it again guys!

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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