The Body Shop Tea Tree SkinCare Review

Hello- hope your all having a good week! Skincare today- The Body Shop Tea Tree range, I have been using products from this range for years and I thought I would do a little review on some of the products! Hope you enjoy and can find this helpful! Let me know if there are any other products in the range I should try 🙂


Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

A moisturizer like product- can be used on spots alone or all over the face. Out of the all the products here this is the one I use least. Absorbs into the skin quickly and does not leave a greasy residue or ‘film’ on the skin. One note to make- the smallest size that you can buy online is more like a sample size!

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

This is one of my favourite toners! Before using it I curious if it would be a potent tea tree smell (like the oil is)  which can be very stingy in some products. But not with this one; of course it has the smell but a natural one. Whilst applying the skin does tingly slightly and the product states it may do. I can always tell a difference after using this for a few days- a must try if you haven’t already!

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer

Again, a good product from the range! I have already done a little review on my ‘Primed & Ready Post‘ if you are interested!

Tea Tree Face Mask

By far my favourite product from the range, I forgot to mention this in my Sunday Spa post the other week! This mask does WONDERS! One of the main things I  like is the fact that when it dries it doesn’t dry rock hard; you can actually move your face haha! It feels cooling on the skin and after using you can see instant results! Well worth the money and lasts a pretty long time! A must try!


And that’s my favourite four from the Tea Tree range! Like most of the Body Shop products they are a little pricey but the face mask in-particular is worth it. Or, like I do, wait till there is a good money off code! I think as I type it’s 35%?!

I hope this post has been useful- let me know if you have tried any of the products and if there are any I should try!

Thank You For Reading 🙂



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