Sensational Lash vs. Roller Lash

Hello! Hope your having a good Sunday! Yet another mascara blog post- I promise there will be a break for a while after this one. But, I had to do this one if not to hopefully save you a few pennies! Hope you enjoy reading!


I mentioned in my last post ‘Benefit Roller Lash Review‘ that I had a hunch that the Roller Lash seemed very similar to something else..the Maybelline Lash Sensational. These two mascaras are both new on the market; with Maybelline being ‘drugstore’ and Benefit being ‘high end’.

The more I looked at the two products the more similarities there are; design colour scheme, wearability, application and most importantly the brush.

Benefit – Maybelline

The Brushes – (First thing to note, as the Benefit is a sample size I’m guessing the full size has a standard size brush- let me know if it has) Both brushes have a similar curve to them, the Maybelline wand has a thicker curve due to the standard size brush. They both claim to ‘catch’ lashes with the bristles and different lengths. I must say that the Maybelline wasn’t so ‘scratchy’ on the lashes as the Benefit wand.

Maybelline – Benefit

Application/Wearability –  Both are very similar in these areas; easy to achieve a natural and dramatic look with both. No flaking or smudging throughout the day and easy to remove. I could defiantly see a false lash effect with both.

Overall, I personally thing these mascaras are very similar- both very good but at two very different prices! The Maybelline is £6 and Benefit around £20! However if you can still find this months ELLE magazine where I got this sample it’s worth picking up!

I hope this has been helpful! Let me know your thoughts on these mascaras!

Thanks For Reading 🙂



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