Review : Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Hello! Finally Friday again! Another mascara review today; Benefit Roller Lash (mini) it seems there have been a few these past few weeks- no complaints from me mind hehe! Many of you have probably seen and or read about this new mascara, when I did I went to find it in ELLE magazine as soon as I could! This is a ‘free’ sample in this months ELLE magazine for £4- I would find one quick before they are all gone! Hope you enjoy reading!


Packaging  –  As this is a mini the packaging is slightly different to the full size; which has a roller cage look to the top which is really cute. However, this mini with it’s black and rose gold packaging is very sleek for a sample.


Brush  –  With the ‘roller’ in the name, the brush is meant to grab and roll up the lashes to give the desired volume- without the need for curlers. I would defiantly say the brush does this, you can feel the brush taking the lashes. I take it the full size product has a standard size brush- let me know if you have it! The only down point is that I found it a little ‘scratchy’, nothing painful but something to note. Easy to use and does give the stated lash look.


Application/Wearability  –  It is very easy to apply, a little tricky with the tiny wand for inner eye though! Quick to get a natural and dramatic look. The lift on the lashes lasts all day for me without any flaking or smudging. No problems with removing, I was conscious the remove it as the ‘They’re Real’ is such a pain!

Overall –   This is a very good mascara, coming from benefit you expect it to be! It does do what the product claims and I really do like the look it gives to my lashes. I don’t think it’s available to buy as yet, but if you can find a ELLE magazine pick a few up! I don’t think I would purchase the full size as (1) it’s quite pricey and (2) I have a hunch it’s very similar to something else..planning a follow up blog post tomorrow where I shall explain..!

~  8/10  ~

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and you can find one to try!

Thanks For Reading 🙂



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