Primed & Ready!

Hello, I don’t know about you guys but I am so glad it’s finally Friday!

Thought we would blog primers today- I have four favourites that I go to if one of the others runs out! Plus they last so long they’re a good, (another) make up items to collect! Hope you guys enjoy reading, let me know if you like these or if there are any that I should try!


(order as above)

So, going left to right, and in no particular order…

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiserย 

Like most of the Body Shop Tea Tree range, this is such a good product! It has the tea tree smell but none of the tingle that you would get for tea tree spot treatments. Light green in colour and a gel like consistency it blends in well and dries fast. As the title notes, the product does minimiser pores and does make make up last longer. I like to think that it does help fight those spots, but I’m not sure if that’s a bit of trick…but a good primer none the less!

The Body Shop All-In-One Insta Blur

Only now as I type this I realise that I have two Body Shop primers! As soon as this was released (and on offer on store) I was sucked into buying it. For me, this is a different consistency; a thicker gel where by a little goes a long way. I would defiantly say it ‘blurs’ and even without make-up on top the skins look ‘blurred’. This would be my second most favourite of the four as it really is an All-In-One products which you can see the difference after using.

B.ย Prepared Primer

This has to be my favourite primer out of the four! You may have seen this in my ‘All About The Base‘ post a few weeks ago! It’s just amazing. Make-up lasts all day, skin doesn’t feel slick and it just makes everything that bit better. A thick gel formula, a little (again) goes a very long way and blends straight into the skin. Leaving it feeling soft and primed. It’s around ยฃ9 I think but my last tube lasted just under a year- plus, I only tend to buy when on offer! You need to try this!

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro

I do love a Rimmel base product it must be said, I think there is a new primer out that I may have to get.. But on to this one, unlike the rest this comes out as a white cream and blends to clear. It has many benefits for the skin and drys quickly with a lightweight feel. I wouldn’t say it has a silicone texture like this others but it is still a favourite. I prefer to use it alone or on days when I’m not doing too much make-up. A good standard primer.

And that’s them all rounded up! I hope this has been helpful in some way!? Like I said at the beginning, if there are any other good ones that you think I should/need to try please let me know! There are a few new ones on the market that I am very tempted to try..I shall keep you updated hehe!

Thanks For Reading, Have A Great Weekend ๐Ÿ™‚



9 thoughts on “Primed & Ready!

  1. Hi, how is the oil controlling ability of the two Body Shop primers ? I almost bought the tea tree one but after reading a few negative reviews changed my mind…


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