First Impressions : Maybelline Lash Sensational

Hello! If you follow me on instagram you may have seen me post a pic this morning about this mascara. I’ve been really excited to try this and finally got my hand on it the other day! Via the blog/YouTube world this mascara has been very popular- so, I had to try it! After trying this out this morning and being so impressed I had to do a blog post as soon as I got home from work- hope you enjoy!


(I’m going to try and keep this review in the same style, format as my last mascara review)

Packaging  –  The rose-gold colour tube is really nice and elegant looking. Along with the black type it looks very plush for a drug store product.

Brush  –  As with most mascaras the brush is the main selling point. Reading the description the brush it said to have 6 different lengths of bristles to achieve the desired ‘sensational’ lash look. The curve this wand has helps with to get this look. It’s rubbery but soft enough to not be ‘scratchy’ on the eye. Easy to maneuver around the inner and outer lashes- comfortable.


Application/Wearability  –  As mentioned at the beginning, today was the first try of this and it’s really good! Most mascaras I find take a few applications to ‘warm up’ but, this was perfect from the first use. Easy to apply and quick to achieve the false lash effect. With one coat lashes look fuller and more build up the volume. It has lasted all day at work with no flaking or smudging, over all I am very impressed.


Overall –   I am really impressed with this mascara, more so as today was the first wear. Like most Maybelline mascaras, they are of great quality & price. I purchased this from boots but I think it’s on offer in most places. Superdrug have it for £5.99 at the moment. Definitely one to try!

~  9/10  ~

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and you give this mascara a try!

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12 thoughts on “First Impressions : Maybelline Lash Sensational

  1. I was thinking whether I needed this or not since I’ve got other mascaras I haven’t finished yet, I realllly wanted it but I was just like ‘nah it’s probably not that good’ but I might just have to buy it now! 🙂 xx

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