High-End Fashion Wish List…

Hello! Since yesterday’s post ‘High-End Beauty Wish List‘ seemed to go well, today I thought I would do my fashion version! It was hard for me not to make them all shoes, but I diversified! Much like the items mentioned in my post yesterday; it mainly about wanting the item or rather the brand! Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading and let me know some of yours!


So, going left to right (ish) and in no particular order –

1. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Black & Rose Gold

These bags are just so darn’ cute! The simple, yet polished style is great from everyday and going out use. Retailing around £120 this is one of the ‘cheaper’ items on this list, but for me anything over £40 is expensive for a bag! One of the YouTubers & Bloggers that I follow (Miss Budget Beauty) has a few of these and features them a lot in her posts. It would be an item I would use everyday and sometimes you can find them on sale..

2. Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140 54mm

Who doesn’t want a Ray Bans!? At around £120 mark, again, they aren’t that expensive compare to the next three. But still, £120 is a lot for me to spend. I really am tempted to bite the bullet this year however..this style and brand is just so iconic. Hopefully a proper pair would last me a good few years, with care of course! While we’re at it, a pair of blue lenses aviators would be nice too!

3. Ellie Sabb Dresses

*sigh* These dresses are just stunning. Even though I would never have an occasion or real reason to own one of these I would love to have one. With over £1000 price tag it would be painful! If I were a hot shot celebrity, Ellie Sabb would always be who I would go to for those red-carpet events. I could spend hours looking at the dresses. Simply stunning..

4. Prada Saffiano Executive Tote

I do own a primark dupe of this bag, or rather a dupe of the zara dupe! This simple yet structured style is gorgeous and gives an air of sophistication to any look. almost business looking this bag is just my style, just not my price tag. Just over £2000!! But again, to have a Prada bag would be so nice, just to stare at it haha! Don’t think I could ever fork out for the real deal, primark dupes are just as good!

5. Christian Louboutin

Why I’ve left this till last I don’t know, out of all 5 this really is my most wanted. Something about those red soles, in love! I think because you can tell what they are compared to some other designers. Wearing the iconic red sole..a girl can dream. Around £600 for a pair I would really save my pennies! Honestly, one day I would like a pair; I think simple black ones as they are the most popular. I know you can can dupes, I’m yet to find a decent pair!

And that’s my 5 top High-End fashion wish list! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and we share a few, let me know yours or of you know any good dupes!

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