Real Techniques Base Brushes

Hello! Another post to add to the foundation/base collection. Today I shall be typing about base brushes. Like many of us, it took me while to get into using brushes, proper ones at that, and with the amazingness’ that Real Techniques (pixiwoos) has given us! I guess that many of you, like myself,  reading this will own all if not a few of the brushes mentioned- and wanting the new bold metal collection *sigh*…

(L-R Buffing Brush, Expert Face Brush, Stippling Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush)

The Buffing Brush – This is the best foundation/base brush I have ever used. I love this brush; foundations & bb creams apply flawlessly and with minimal effort. Allowing the products to be ‘buffed’ into the skin, for me, this is the only way a base will blend onto the skin. I purchased this in the Core Base Collection Kit mainly for this brush, as alone it can be the price of the set and more! Really worth buying the kit if you want this brush- a must try!

The Expert Face Brush  –  I believe this was the brush that started it all! Since getting into the YouTube & blogging scene this was one of the products that everyone was talking about. I do really like this brush, however not so much as the above. Compared to the Buffing Brush, this one of much more dense and a smaller applicator. It does make foundation application easier, in a buffing motion, but I prefer the finish the Buffing Brush leaves. This one is available singly and still worth having in the collection.

The Stippling Brush  –  I have a love hate relationship with this one…Mainly due to the fact the ones I’ve had have been slightly faulty! Whilst using my first one, some of the bristles would come out whilst in application. The company did send me another one but still, a it does have some fall out! But, it does give a good finish- just a shame about the fall out. Hence why it doesn’t get used that often. Like before, this one is available singly.

The Pointed Foundation Brush (small)  –  This brush I use mainly for concealer and the occasional contour. I personally don’t like the applying base with a foundation brush as I need to ‘buff’ the product in. Otherwise it feels like the product it just sitting on my skin. But, applying concealer is does the job perfectly! This one was in the Core Collection Kit mentioned in the first paragraph.

And that’s all of them! I did get the Miracle Complexion Sponge but I am yet to try it yet- will do a review when I do! Plus, like everyone else, I am lusting over the new Bold Metals Collection cannot bare to pay, let alone use brushes of that beauty and price!

Hope You’ve Enjoyed Reading, Thank You



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