Review : Rimmel ScandalEyes Xxtreme Mascara

Hello, hope you’re having a good week! First blog mascara review today, a brand new one on the market! I’ve seen a few people review this already, I can see why! Plus I do love buying and shopping for mascaras, like the many addicts out there, I hope we can unite!


I have previously tried mascaras from this line; the Scandaleyes in the green and purple tubes I believe! They were very good and still somewhere in my collection. When I saw a new one on the Rimmel stands (on offer also) I had to buy it! In general Rimmel do mascaras pretty well!

Packaging –  On the pictures the brightness off the pink doesn’t show up, but the tube is a really bright neon pink. Really stands out in your make up bag and it a nice colour to go with the other products in the line.

Brush  –  I hope you can see from the picture the two sides of the brush; one standard bristled side and the other rounded and almost ‘butterfly’ shaped half. It is a very plastic-y brush and very stiff. Something to get used to at first, but it does make application easier and to gain full effect from the shaped wand.

IMG_3990They all have slightly different brushes, along with these one’s new shape.

Application/Wearability  –   As mentioned about the brush, it does take a few uses to get used to. I found the best way to apply was, starting at the root of lashes, turning the brush whilst brushing up.


As to get full use of the double sided brush. Within a few coast lashes are evenly coated and noticeably longer and defined, and with a quick one coast application lashes do appear defined. The mascara wears well and comfortably lasts all day. Removable is no problem!

Overall  –  I really like this mascara, after getting used the wand and application it really does it’s job. A very good mascara, once again, from Rimmel! I got this one from Superdrug £4.99 on offer, however I think it may be back up to full price £6.99..

~  8/10  ~

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and you give this mascara a try!

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