‘Old School’ Comedy Shows

Hello, posting a little bit earlier than usual today! Recently I’ve been watching some old comedy series on YouTube, as it’s a lazy Sunday (and if you’re bored!) these are worth a watch for a laugh!

Some of you, like myself, might have a Father who watches these types of shows and has such passed them down! I love watching them, it’s interesting to see who the character are being played by, some are still around today!

A bit of a different blog post, but I hope you check these shows out if you are into comedy’s. These are all UK based and links are from YouTube. 

– Open All Hours –  

This is one of the best, there has been (currently) a new series called ‘Still Open All Hours’ on BBC. But the old episodes are best! Based in ‘Arkwright’s Stores’ we see the two shopkeepers dealing with all manner of customers and all sorts of products! Now watching the new series, many of the customers and references make more sense.

– Are You Being Served..? –

This show inspired me to do the blog post. I was suggested this show and it so funny, I’m already into series 3 this weekend! It’s much like Open All Hours with the shop set up but different types of characters. Plus, working in a retail environment like this myself, some of the customers and staff ways are funny and familiar!

– Only Fools & Horses –

This is probably the most well known of the 5, this only came to an end a few years ago I think. The old ones are just a as funny. Following the Trotter family in their wheeling & dealing plus with the dodgy sales pitches! Many of the actors in this show have/are in many other comedy shows. Del Trotter, the main character actor, is also in Open All Hours!

– Blackadder –

Once again, this may be one many people have heard of. I think I even watched some of the war episodes in GCSE history classes!? There are different series set in different decades. Much like Only Fool & Horses, there are some very familiar faces in the cast, one including Stephen Fry! I always think it’s strange to see people like that now to then…

Hope you give some of these a watch!

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