MakeUp Revolution Redemption Palette – MOTD

Hello, hope your having a good weekend! I’ve been experimenting with the MakeUpRevolution Redemption Palette today! You may remember seeing this last week in my ‘Little Bit of Sunday Shopping’ post, I have been using this all week and been loving it! However, not as bold eye look as this! I’m not calling this a tutorial as one isn’t not skilled enough haha! Let’s just say it’s the order in which the shadows were applied! I would definitely use this look for a night out!


*The number represent the colours going left to right in the palette* 

1 – Start by priming eyes, I use the Avon Eyeshadow Primer

2  – Apply shadow 2 all over the lid, up to brow bone

3 – Lightly pat shadow 10 over lid, a little goes a long way with this one!

4  –  In the outer corner, apply shadow 7, deepen as much as wanted

5  –  Pat a little of shadow 3 in center of lid

6  – On top of that pat a little of shadow 8

7 –  Line 3/4’s of the  lower lash line with shade 12

8  –  Use shadow 1 to lower & upper inner corners

9  –  Line lower waterline with MUA Eye Pencil in ‘Lovely Lilac’

10  –  Over shadow 12, on the lower lash line, with TopShop Eye Crayon in ‘Silver’

11 –  Line top lash line with black eyeliner, my favourite is Collection 24 Liner, in what style suites

12  –  Apply a few coats of mascara to top & bottom lashes or falsies

13  –  Tidy under eyes with concealer!


Hope that all makes sense! It really is a great palette, works day to night! For £4 these eye shadows are so good, just wish I had occasion to wear this out!

I posted a pic of my instagram if your interested!

Thanks For Reading!



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