Simple Necklaces

Hello! First jewellery post on the blog! Thought I’d make this about some simple pieces that I’ve been loving recently.

(L-R) TopShop Double Coin Necklace, H&M Silver Circle Necklace, Primark Gold Circle Necklace, Primark Silver Tube Necklace

I’ve been loving simple, but statement, necklaces recently. Something about them just looks so stylish and sophisticated to me. These are the pieces I have been wearing most. I’m still looking for more! If you have any suggestions of pieces like this please let me know!

Going left to right; The first necklace is a small double coin number from TopShop. I got this probably nearly a year ago but it’s still available now. It was also more gold than silver-gold.. This is such a nice and simple look. Since taking this picture I have FINALLY found the Primark gold coin necklace which is larger than this one. And more of a shiny gold. The TopShop one was about £7-8 I think (a bit more than I would usually pay) and the Primark one was £1.50.

Number is a short & small silver circle from H&M, at £1.99 this was another bargain! I must note, this necklace has a very short chain. The metal has a texture to it, which again makes it look different. I purchased this one as I really want (still hoping that they will) a silver one of the Primark gold circle that’s next to it in the picture. This one will do for now though!

In the middle it’s my favorite one; this simple, elegant gold circle goes with so much and just adds that bit of ‘something’! And at £1.50 it’s a steal, I am tempted to buy a few more for back-ups! It’s a nice length also. I reall do hope they bring it out in a silver, or even a rose-gold would be nice. Primark- if your reading, please take note 🙂

Last, but not least another Primark piece. This is a bit different but I love it. The tube style allows it to sit really nice on the neck, and much like the previous piece it’s a good length. I believe this was £1.50 – £2 and I think I have seen it in gold..Again, it just adds something to an outfit.

Sadly the picture doesn’t do these necklaces justice, but hopefully you can still see them in their respective outlets! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and yo can get your hands on some of the simple but effective pieces!

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