Manicure Mondays – Colourful Reverse French Manicure

Hello, hope you’ve have a good start to the week! I’m so happy to be doing my first nail polish post! I have done a twist on the french manicure look today. One note I must make before we start; please excuse some of the chips on some of the nails, it was one of the manicure where you have to suddenly touch everything just after you’ve painted haha!


Products Used:


Barry M Gelly Almond, Barry M Gelly Guava, OPI Top Coat, Revlon Liquid Dry, Rounded Nail Guided

*Of course you can use whatever colours you want- white & black would be a good combination*

I have already done a blog post on my nail prep!

Step 1  –  Apply base coat, then 1-2 coats of the Almond colour. Allow to dry fully using the Revlon Liquid Dry.

Step 2  –  Once nails are completely dry and washed, apply the nail guides- I find using tweezers is the best way.

Step 3  –  Apply 1-2 coats of the Guava colours, this blue was bold enough with one coat. Leave for a few minutes                            with the guides on then peel off and allow to dry fully.

Step 4  –  Once completely dry, apply a top coast to finish!

This was a fun look to do, I am thinking of doing the black  and white, or glitter may work well!

Hope this has been helpful!

Thanks For Reading



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