A Little Bit of Sunday Shopping

Hello! There may have been a little bit on money spent today..Do you ever just get that urge to go shopping and spend? It happens often to me..

Let’s start with good old’ Superdrug- I swear I could spend hours in this shop!


Starting at the top, we have another addition to the Make Up Revolution palette collection ‘Redemption Palette’. I was drawn to the gorgeous colours in this palette and had to purchase it! For £4 they are a steal, I believe I now have 5 (I think) palettes from Make Up Revolution and they are all great. You may be seeing these in more posts soon! Can’t wait to try this out tomorrow!

Next I have a, kind of new, mascara to try; Rimmel London Scandal-Eyes Extreme. Now, I say ‘kind of’ because I have previously tried the green & orange tube versions of the scandal-eyes line. Not for a while but I do remember that I liked them. Part of the reason for this Superdrug visit was for a new mascara. In my last post I mention one of my all time favorites but I was in the market for a new one to try! This is how sad my life is… At first look the brush looks good and I shall be doing a review if it’s as good as I hope. This was £4.99 (£2 off offer rrp:£6.99)

Either side of the rings is something new to try; Garnier Moisture Match – Start Afresh & Shine-Be-Gone. I’ve been seeing these on vlogs/videos and people seem to like them. I haven’t been moisturizing in the mornings (before make up) as I’ve found they make my make-up sit funny. However these look good, the mattifying one in particular. There were a few others in the line, I think there were brightening, anti-aging and caring for extra dry/sensitive skin. Not qualities I look for in skin care. This were also on buy-one-get-one-free which tempted my interest in the first place hehe! £3.99 for both.

The last little treat was the set of rings, at half price I couldn’t say no. A few lovely blue & purple stones they look really pretty. You can never have enough fashion rings!

So that was it for Superdrug, the other place I visited was 99p stores. There are some real bargains to be found in here sometimes! I did ok today!


Left to right; A re-purchase of the V05 Gunk-Go Shampoo, this shampoo I really good for clarifying your hair. With all the products I use I shampoo with this about once a week to give it a good clean. I can really feel the difference after I’ve used this. I think this is meant for men to remove all the V05 styling products they use!

In the middle is a random purchase, Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist. I’ve seen products like this before but am yet to try one, and for 99p it’s worth a try! I am a bit wary about spraying this over make-up so I will try it at the end of day when i’m home just in case! If not I might be nice to use in the morning- I shall let you know how it goes!

And last but not least for this little haul is Clearasil Superfruits Refreshing Pads. I thought this may be a good product to add to my Night Time Skin Care Routine. It says the pads clarifies and exfoliates the skin. Plus being the pad form they are super handy and easy to use/throw away. Plus they smell really nice! They normally retail for around £3, I tend to pick up the skin care brands like Clearasil when I see them in there as they work out so cheap!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! (:

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