Selling On eBay : Basics

Hello! Recently a lot of people have been talking/writing about selling on eBay, probably with Christmas finished and people wanting to sell their un-wanted gifts. I have explained to a few people, I know. how it works and I thought a blog post might be handy to have! By no means am I calling myself an expert on the subject, however having been selling on eBay for about a year now I have a my own little system! (I take it a bit too seriously haha)


Selecting An Item For Selling  –  I know this sounds silly, but any item your selling should be in a usable state. The amount of times people post listings for worn out and tatty things is ridiculous! The worst is used and dirty looking shoes. Most of the (clothing) items I sell are either worn a few times or brand new. Sometimes however it is amazing what people will buy!

Photos    –  Always add decent photos, at least 2. For clothing (eg: tops) I tend to take about 5:     front, sleeve length, close up of design/fabric, neckline and label. And if the item had any sort of imperfection may sure to take a clear photo of it, so if there are any queries from a buyer you have proof that you correctly stated it in the listing.

Creating The Listing    –  This ‘page’ on the site is pretty straight forward and easy to follow, if you are a bit        skeptical about this process do not fear! Most of the requirements are free but there are additional add on at a cost. Under the ‘condition’ if the item is used I always put ‘like-new’ or ‘worn a few times’ in the small text box that appears. In the ‘Item Specifics’ I only tend to complete the size, brand, colour and style. Buyers will ask if they want to know anything. I tend to put my items on Sunday to Sunday ending around 2 o’clock.

Description    –   Much like the photos, just make sure you keep it simple but informative; full               description of item, size and condition. I always put; ”Non Smoker/Pet, Any Questions Please Ask, Thanks For Viewing- Am Selling Other Items  UK ONLY” However, I think the postage charges have changed so that the international buyers pay the postage costs some how..i’m not 100% but most international bidders ask before bidding if you will send to them.

Costs & Postage    –  Always try and get what you want! For new items especially, I always try and get          around the price paid, I tend to start at 99p and go for higher postage. You can do ‘Buy It Now’ but I believe there is a cost to do so. For small items, such as t-shirts & tops I aim for a starting bid of around £4 to cover postage cost with is around £2.80 for a small parcel.Some tops though, such as cami’s and chiffon tops, do fold down and fit into A5 letters. Which then is only around a £1! For chunkier items I use postage bags, I get them from amazon ( and for jewelry padded small envelopes.

So that’s about it for my basics for eBay, like I said at the start- I’m no means an expert!

Thanks For Reading, I Hope This Is Helpful (:



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