New Look Sale Amazing-ness!

Hello! I wanted to share some of the goodies that I found in the New Look sale today. Many of you probably shop at New Look and such, get all the e-mails..and whenever I get one about a sale it’s always a little bit exciting! This time is was further reductions, it’s rude not to go and have a look right…Plus working in a shopping center the temptation nearly always takes over to shop.


I think I mentioned in my first post about how I love finding bargains- see picture is prove this haha! I was so happy when I found these bargain beauties and shocked at the price. I could have got much more but I contained myself and just got the 3!

The top necklace is a long two tier silver chain, with a silver/cleat stone design. Nice and simple and will hopefully go with a lot of outfits. This piece was meant to be £5.99 but I got it for £1!

The one on the left is a simple yet statement pink & silver gem necklace. I had seen this in a neon green the other day for £4 but sadly didn’t purchase. However, when I saw this one I was having it whatever. This is quite a small gem’ed piece which isn’t too ‘in your face’. My thoughts where to pair it with grey/black/white tops to add a pop of colour. This piece was meant to be £7.99 and it was another one for a £1! I realize there are gems either side of the pendant missing but I don’t think they look to out of place.

The last, and maybe my favourite, is the large grey statement necklace. I have been seeing this on bloggers & vloggers and in the store since the summer time and never got it…and I’m glad I waited! As it’s grey colour is pretty neutral it should go with a lot of things, I can’t wait to wear this one! This piece was meant to be £9.99 and I got it for £2!

To conclude, this little lot should have been £24 but I saved £20 and got it for £4!

So, go down to your local New Look ASAP and see what you can find! I have been online and couldn’t see any of these on there, they do have some jewelry but not as low as in store. I hope this post has been helpful and I hope you can find some bargains yourself!

Thanks For Reading, And Happy Bargain Hunting!



4 thoughts on “New Look Sale Amazing-ness!

  1. I’ve just bought a load of stuff from the New Look sales! Spent about £50, saved about £100! made my first blog post about what I got 😃💗


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