Night Time Skin Care Routine

Over the years I have, like most of us girls, tried many a skin care product! Whether it be for fighting spots, moisturizing and hydration, the list goes on! The main factor that attracts me to skin products is acne fighting/prevention; thankfully *knock-on-wood* my skin has cleared up in the last few years. But of course, there are the groups that are yet to leave…

I always love reading/watching skin care videos, seeing what works wells and what else I can try! So, at last I can share mine! And a few or my bargain finding tricks too; pretty simple, but effective!

(L-R) elf Lip Exfoliator, Clearasil Deep Pore Treatment Toner, Clean&Clear Morning Burst, Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturizer , Witch Blemish Stick

1a  –  Removing Eye Make Up   :  No need for a picture with this one, all I use is a simple make up or baby wipe. And I wipe one over my face to take off the ‘bulk’ of my foundation.

1b –  Toner   :   My favourite toner of choice the last few months has been the Clearasil Seep Pore Treatment Toner. This toner really does work. Simple as. My skin needs something strong to fight the demons, this product has a strong smells and leaves the skin tingly which feels like it’s working. I understand not everyone likes this and this might not be one for those with sensitive skin. I first picked this up in a 99p store- a bit surprised to see a brand like this in there (all be it with foreign labels on it) and stocked up! Sadly I haven’t been able to find it in there since but I always have a look. I have since got this from superdrug whilst it’s on offer and stocked up!

2  –   Moisturiser   :    Like most of the products I shall be mentioning on here, they are purchases from reading/seeing them mentioned by other people. This Clean&Clear moisturiser is such a good buy, I use it on spots alone, all over and a little thicker as a light mask. I have tried other moisturisers but always come back to this one. And also recommended to people who have also come to love it! Like the toner, I have found this in 99p but saldy not recently. However, as I type I believe most of the Clean&Clear range is 2 for £5 in superdrug.

3  –  Spot Attack   :    Finding the perfect spot treatment is like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans..never ending! But for the moment I have one that works; Witch (witch hazel) Blemish Stick. Sometimes I fear that my skin is immune to all these chemicals I’ve put on my skin! After the previous steps, or if I’ve been lazy and just used a make-up wipe to take it all off I’ll  always use some of this.

4   –   Lip Car   :    Lastly the lips, I only do the step in the colder months when my lips are chapped a bit more. This e.l.f Lip Exfoliator is really nice, and smells amazing! It’s a sugar scrub lip bullet which is super handy. With both moisturizing and balm qualities it’s great for the colder months too soother poor lips. Although I would note that it’s not one to use under lipsticks/balms/tints.

So that’s it all, for the moment anyways! I’m sure I shall be trying and finding new products soon!

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